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You must have heard about how much money you can save on heating fuel by switching to geothermal. Let Ringer & Daniels General Contracting & Heating and Cooling show you how easy it can be to install a system in your new or existing home or business.

By tapping into the natural warmth of the Earth, millions of households and business structures are saving money on their heating and cooling costs.

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As a locally owned and operated contractor, Ringer & Daniels General Contracting & Heating and Cooling is tied to our community and responsible for maintaining a blemish-free reputation. That’s why we’re glad to offer you FREE estimates and GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

Read More About ClimateMaster

ClimateMaster’s role as a domestic energy and geothermal heating and cooling leader extends back to the late 1950s when the company was first founded in Florida.

ClimateMaster was later relocated to New York where it started manufacturing water loop heat pump systems and finally moved its headquarters to Oklahoma City where it continues to thrive today.

For more than 50 years, the company has been developing and producing the industry’s most innovative and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

Throughout its history, ClimateMaster has continued to invest in the value of its U.S.-patented technologies, expansion of its American manufacturing facilities, growth of its national network of distributors, and training of its domestic employees.
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